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Welcome to Anovos

Here you'll find everything you need to know about Anovos!

🧭 What is Anovos?

Anovos is an open source project, built by data scientist for the data science community, that brings automation to the feature engineering process. By rethinking ingestion and transformation, and including deeper analytics, drift identification, and stability analysis, Anovos improves productivity and helps data scientists build more resilient, higher performing models.

🚀 Getting Started

To get a first impression of Anovos' capabilities, check out our interactive Getting Started guide.

❓ Need help?

Need a little help? We're here!

This documentation provides a thorough introduction to Anovos and includes a comprehensive API documentation.

If you have any questions on how to use Anovos or would like to suggest future enhancements, here's how to reach out.

🛠 Contributing

We're happy to welcome you as an Anovos contributor! Check out our Contributors' page for more information.

🔋 What's Powering Anovos?

Anovos is built on a curated collection of powerful open source libraries, including: